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Structural Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is designed to prevent the passage of smoke and flames passing freely through a building. Also it is designed to maintain the integrity of a building preventing it’s breakdown or collapse in a fire situation. There are various ways in which this can be achieved:

Fire barriers

To prevent the passage of smoke and flames, fire barriers are installed particularly around escape passages and fire fighting lobby’s. They can be cut and fit around services which penetrate fire resisting elements of structure and consist of materials such as mineral wool made from volcanic rock, which resist, not only the passage of smoke and flames but also offer thermal insulation preventing the transfer of heat from one area to another. These products are tested to BS 476 parts 20-24.

Fire board, cementitious & mineral fibre sprayed systems, intumescent paint

Steel structures will distort and may collapse in a fire. To prevent the collapse of steel structures in a fire they are protected either by, fire board encasement, cementitious or mineral fibre sprayed systems or intumescent paint. These systems are designed to prevent the temperature of the steel reaching it’s critical state (550 – 600 degrees C). These products are tested to BS 476 part 21.

Flame retardant finishes

Application of flame retardant finishes to common areas of a building to prevent the spread of flame and smoke. These coatings are tested to BS 476 parts 6 and 7, are self extinguishing and will not support the spread of flame.

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